Information for Highway and Heavy Contractors and Engineers

Welcome to the Contractor and Engineer section of the Mechanical Concrete® site. Here you can find technical information on our patented technology specifically for engineers and contractors.

This information is for engineers and contractors who intend to use Mechanical Concrete® technology on a project. It includes an installation guide for the technology and several technical papers and reports on the characteristics of Mechanical Concrete® . The material will be updated from time to time as new applications and research information is available.

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Approval of Mechanical Concrete® from West Virginia DOH  View Page


Doddridge County 2009 Field Report Morgan’s Run Road/Israel Fork Doddridge County WV Division of Highways Mechanical Concrete® Roadway Installation General Description of Installation and Use The installation was visited early spring. Photos were taken. The 140 feet, onelane installation is now over 2.5 years old. The Mechanical Concrete® base consists of 350 Mechanical Cement® cylinders…  View Page


This information in this guide is intended to assist the builder in placing Mechanical Concrete ® as a base for a road or to stabilize a site. It is not a construction specification. When this information is in conflict with an engineer’s specification, the conflict should be resolved before construction begins. Step 1 Site Preparation… View Page


Proposed WVDOH Draft Specification 2013 View Page


Using Confined Aggregate Concrete to Reduce Erosion on Unpaved Shoulders, Roads and Trails, and other Venues Mechanical Concrete® Technical Report No. 1 Mechanical Concrete® Technical Report No. 2 Why Mechanical Concrete® Unpaved Roads Require Less Maintenance… View Page