Mechanical Concrete® is a geo-synthetic technology.  It is a free standing, self-supporting geo-cylinder, similar to a geocell.   Mechanical Concrete® geo-cylinders offer a quantum leap in strength, scalability and economy to soil and aggregate confinement systems.  By reusing one of society’s most important, high-quality industrial products it’s green to the core.  Its geo-cylinder is manufactured by removing both sidewalls from a scrapped, used auto tire.    The tire-derived-geo-cylinder is a low cost and high-strength, an unbeatable combination.  Mechanical Concrete® is a strong, economical, tested and proven construction and maintenance product for road and highway bases and shoulders,  retaining wall facing, bridge abutments, slope and channel erosion protection and many other construction applications.

After 8 years of research, development and applications, Mechanical Concrete®  offers a major breakthrough in aggregate confinement technology.  It goes beyond geo-cellular confinement systems to create a simpler, stronger, more economical method for confining and strengthening aggregates and soils.  It is straight forward and easy to understand. But it was a flash of insight, discovery and American ingenuity that saw what a simple tire-derived-geo-cylinder could do.  The result is Mechanical Concrete®, a U.S. and Canadian patent-protected, geo-cylinder confinement system with all the uses and performance qualities of geocells with more strength and durability, less cost and  faster to build. The Mechanical Concrete® bottom line is a quantum leap forward in strength, scalability, and economy for confinement technology.   Since it reuses a major societal product Mechanical Concrete® is bright green.   4-D  Sustainable with a WOW!

Cellular Confinement

Cellular confinement systems were pioneered by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers beginning in 1975.   Cellular technology was commercialized into a variety of high density polyethylene honeycomb cellular confinement products generically known as geocells. Today geocells are used worldwide to improve load and foundation support in sub-grade soils, for slope and channel erosion protection, in earth retention walls, in storm water management and a wide variety of other construction applications.   But geocell technology has limited strength, effectiveness and economy for use in most heavy and highway construction applications and in large earth retention structures. This is due primarily to the simple fact that, in tension, all polyethylene materials creep or elongate under continuous heavy loadings.  This is not the case with the Mechanical Concrete® tire-derived-geo-cylinder.  Because of its original new-tire design criteria, it is much stronger than required for construction uses.

Sustainable Green Construction

Mechanical Concrete® confinement system uses standard, waste automotive tires with both sidewalls removed as the geo-cylinders. These thin-walled tire-derived-geo-cylinders, TDGC, retain their structural tensile strength and function as the low cost, rugged, confinement element for Mechanical Concrete®.

Nearly all road problems come from base failures.  The Mechanical Concrete® tire-derived-geo-cylinders economically create a virtually indestructible base so it basically eliminates most road maintenance problems, including:

  • Potholes & Ruts
  • Road Edge & Ditch Wall Collapse
  • Shoulder Erosion
  • Soft Sub-grades
  • Ditch & Channel Erosion & Scour
  • Slips and Slides

Almost anyone can build a superior road base for industrial , highway, and porous pavement uses with Mechanical Concrete®.  It’s fast, uses simple equipment and is ready to instantly support loads and resist erosion.

Engineered Product

Like stone, steel and reinforced concrete, basic engineering knowledge is required to safely, effectively, and economically design, use and specify Mechanical Concrete® confinement systems.  We work with and certify established consulting engineers and contractors to design and install applications. Please contact us to discuss your application.

For technical papers and reports and to learn more about the research and development behind Mechanical Concrete® please visit our Projects for Highway, Heavy Contractors & Engineers section. Under that section you’ll also find draft specifications and a video installation guide. To learn more please visit our FAQ section ASK Sam.

Contractors, Distributors and Sales

Mechanical Concrete® tire-derived-geo-cylinders are sold by Reinforced Aggregates Company.  They are also sold through authorized distributors, licensed contractors and Mechanical Concrete® manufacturers. Distributorships and manufacturing licenses are available throughout the USA and globally. Contractor licenses are available on a geographic and project basis. To discuss an application or purchase a license, please visit the License page or Contact Us.

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